True Flavors Diner

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True Flavors Diner, located west of Research Triangle Park, opened earlier this year. Half diner, half catering company, this restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch options.


Inside, we were greeted with bright green paint and steel tables. The combination is a modern spin on a classic concept.


The entire place is quite small, with maybe a dozen tables. A short counter provides additional seating options.


We started with a pair of strawberry lemonades ($3.95 each), served in mason jars with sugared rims. Plumes of strawberry puree rise from the bottom of this sour beverage, mitigating the tartness.


A bouquet of paper spiral straws sits at each table for those that want that old-fashioned feel. Spoiler alert: there’s a reason people switched to plastic straws; soggy paper gets frustrating quickly. Still, a nice novelty for the first two minutes.


Minutes after being seated, we were served a pair of biscuits (free), slathered in melted butter that drips over the firm crust. The inside is moist and doughy. A thin homemade strawberry and green tomato jam joins the party. We enjoyed these while we reviewed the menu. When it was time to order, our server entered our selections into a tablet at our table. I wish more restaurants would adopt this technology.


Here is the Carolina Eggs Benedict ($10.95), which replaces the standard Canadian bacon with barbeque pulled pork. The poached eggs are perfectly prepared, maintaining a soft, fluffy, buttery texture. A red pepper Hollandaise completes this Southern twist on a brunch classic.


This dish is paired with a side of skillet potatoes, which come in their own miniature skillet, shown on the right.


The Duck Hash ($11.95) has slow-roated shredded duck with roasted red peppers, shallots, and thyme. The duck is unbelievably crispy on the edges with a smoky, tender interior. It’s hard to find duck prepared so well. Melted cheddar cheese drapes over the meat and a blanket of eggs tucks this dish in for bed.


We were too full to stay for dessert, but would have opted for this six-layer red velvet cake, which we watched them slice on the way out.

True Flavors is a hidden gem. It’s in a strip mall outside of RTP. Their small fleet of tables was able to handle the brunch demand, but this probably won’t be the case for long. We would absolutely return to this delicious brunch spot, and recommend that you do as well, even though spreading the word about this spot may force us to have to wait next time.


True Flavors Diner

5410 Highway 55, Suite AJ-AK, Durham, NC 27713

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6 Responses to True Flavors Diner

  1. Sam says:

    Talk about a hidden gem! Thanks for telling us about this truly delicious diner 🙂

  2. GGPR says:

    We tried them and liked them enough to have our daughter’s high school graduation party there. Good food, nice presentation, and very pleasant people to work with.

  3. Brad Carey says:

    How did you miss the herb planter?

    This place is top notch.

  4. JudyT says:

    They catered our daughter’s wedding 3 years ago and we have been fans ever since. So happy they opened bricks and mortar. Absolutely delicious food and stunning attention to detail. You will never be disappointed at True Flavors.

  5. Daniel Smith says:

    They just need to hurry up and get their liquor license so I can have a mimosa with brunch!

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